This website is packed with info on event and wedding photography and explores all facets of relevant photo technique. Readers will benefit from tips and tricks that will set them on the road to professional photography, all drawn from years of experience in the industry.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the following web pages:16_0

  • How to market photography services;
  • Taking pre-wedding and pre-event photos;
  • Reccing locations for wedding and event pictures;
  • Flash lighting techniques for great results in low light;
  • Camera and lens choices: an up-to-date look at the best gear for the job;
  • Approaching and photographing strangers at events;
  • Telling a story – creating a narrative with photos;
  • Shooting styles: formal and photojournalistic;
  • Digital editing techniques and software;
  • Photo delivery: prints, albums, CDs, preview websites;
  • Copyright issues: how to avoid copyright infringement.

Easy to Follow

All the information on this site is clearly and simply written so that budding photographers can glean as much info as possible about event and wedding photography. Success demands a lot of hard work and an honest, objective approach to evaluating photos.

Raising Standards

Anyone that reads the pages of this website will realize that successful photographers are the self-critical ones that aspire to higher standards. This mindset develops naturally as the photographer’s skill and expectations increase. Anyone easily pleased by their own work consigns themselves to mediocrity. The bar must always be placed slightly too high.

Creating a Portfolio

Followers of this website are encouraged to create their own portfolio of images based on the skills they acquire. Armed with a showcase of their best work, keen events photographers will be ready to take bookings and take on the world!