Before the Main Event

Prior to a big event such as a wedding, you will want to familiarize yourself with the venues involved, including churches, registry offices or the reception setting. Doing a recon beforehand will help you see which places or features workwedding-photographer best for portraits or group photos, and you’ll get a good idea about potential lighting problems (e.g. mixed lighting).

It’s useful to know which areas you’ll have access to as a photographer, too, so you can plan your movements ahead of time. Knowing all these things will help you look organized and professional on the day, so you won’t be hauling guests around on a wild goose chase looking for suitable photo backdrops.

It’s always good to know what entertainment is booked at a wedding reception, so you can plan what type of pictures you’ll take. Often, a band will be hired, or a casino will be installed complete with gaming tables and friendly croupiers. The difference between this type of casino and a gambling site like 888 casino is that wedding casinos use fake money, so you know guests won’t have just lost a fortune when you take their photo. If wedding guests aren’t playing card games at the reception, maybe a magician will be showing them card tricks. Remember that hired entertainers are part of the big day and should feature in photos.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

A popular part of wedding photo packages is the pre-wedding photo shoot. This is intended to capture the romance that exists between a couple before they are wed, so the venue should be either special of its own accord or have some personal meaning to the couple. A mixture of posed photos and candid pictures is the norm. The photographer should socialize with the couple a little before this type of shoot to encourage natural behavior in front of the camera.