Digital Editing Techniques and Software

A lot of activities that used to have you running about town can now be effortlessly performed online. You no longer need go to the supermarket to buy groceries, for instance. Equally, gamesters can play favorite casino games like roulette online without the worry of dress codes, overpriced drinks or expensive cabs. It’s never been easier or cheaper to speculate. Likewise, photographers can upload photo files to online labs and, within a few days, receive a stunning set of prints back. Traveling back and forth to the laboratory is no longer strictly necessary.

Though wedding photographers might use an online printing service, events photographers are more likely to rig up a printing system on-site. All types of photographer use editing software in their workflow.

Event Photography Software

Event photographers need software that handles the processing and display of photos immediately, thus enabling fast on-site print sales. Software producers such as Breeze Systems and 5-minute photo roving_photographer_manchester_1500pxallow photographers to process, organize, display and print photos in quick order. Customers can also choose offsite services such as poster printing.

A laptop and tethered camera are the other main tools of the events photography trade. When choosing a laptop, you should be looking for wide viewing angles (often a problem in laptops), a sharp screen with a high pixel density, and plenty of processing power. If you’re buying everything from scratch, check what operating system(s) your intended software runs on.

Wedding Photography Software

Usually too busy to be selling or printing photos on the same day, wedding photographers retreat to their editing den to process photos. A fast browser such as Photo Mechanic or FastStone might be used to weed out the rejects first. A lot of photographers use both Lightroom and Photoshop to edit photos, using the first to do the heavy work and the second to add finishing touches at pixel level.

Of course, there are alternatives to these programs. Capture One and DxO Optics Pro are two software packages with many satisfied users. These are available on trial, so why not check them out before buying?