Photo Delivery: Prints, Albums, DVDs & Websites

Professional event photographers usually print on location with high-end Epson or Canon printers, while wedding photographers sometimes use a trusted pro lab. To do your own printing, you need to have acquired enough skill and experience with the software and equipment to turn out consistently excellent results.

CDs & DVDs

A popular method of delivering photos today is saving the files onto a CD or DVD. The photographer will weed out all the reject photos, edit the better ones and then burn them onto a kit-caixa-porta-cd-dvd-fotografiadisc. In some cases, this may be the only way the photos are delivered, but it’s a shame if that’s the case.

It’s expected that modern photographers will deliver a disc full of photos, but this should not be seen by photographers as a cheap alternative and an excuse to undercharge. Clients attach less worth to a disc because they often don’t really know the worth of a good photographer in the first instance.

A high-quality album filled with beautifully printed pictures is undoubtedly more special than a disc full of digital files, no matter how good the photography is. Also, some time in the distant future, the disc is more likely to be thoughtlessly hurled into a bin, whereas an album feels more intrinsically valuable, even to a stranger.

Wedding Albums

Wedding Photographers tend to search for and then stick to their own favorite brand of wedding album, which they then recommend to clients. They’ll go about choosing photos for the album with the client and discussing the layout. It’s harder work than a disc, but rewarding for all involved.

An alternative to the traditional album is a printed book by companies such as Blurb.


For the professional photographer, there is a wide choice of websites available, most of which are easy to set up using templates. Many of them allow the possibility of private web pages, where clients can view their photos and select any they want to buy individually or include in an album. A good website is vital for any pro wedding or event photographer.